Crossfit phenomenon

CrossFit are functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity called also a core strength and conditioning program. This training allows you to achieve satisfactory results within a relatively short period of time. It combines various sports disciplines and affects practically every muscle group. Thanks to this, people who do crossfit exercises simultaneously strengthen their belly, legs, back and shoulders.

What is crossfit?

As I mentioned, Crossfit is a strength training which involves intensive exercises from the military armies of the US Army. Exercises of this type can be performed by women and men. Crossfit gives you spectacular results because the exercises you perform during training are very different. They are based on a large number of repetitions and use of body weight. With several exercises such as – hopping on the box, push-ups, jumping rope, you create circuits that need to be repeated several times at a certain time.

Although the exercises are not easy, crossfit workouts are very popular because they are extremely effective. During a one-hour session, you can burn up to 1000 calories and regular workouts give you quick results – they are firming, slimming and strengthening muscles.

Anyone can do crossfit training, regardless of age, experience and fitness. The only condition is the lack of medical contraindications.

Basic crossfit training

Crossfit training only makes sense if you do it 100%. It is worth remembering that exercises should consist of 4 parts – warm up, short introduction, basic training and stretching. In crossfit training the most important is dynamics and continuous action phrases.

The warm-up in the crossfit training should last at least 5 minutes. You can jump on a rope, make squats, burpees or tentacles. The warm-up should be adapted to basic training and should be based on movements that will be repeated later.

The introduction depends on whether crossfit training will be conducted independently at home or under the supervision of a trainer. This part is mainly about “practicing” sets that will be performed at a very fast pace during basic training. If you do abnormal or careless exercises, you can hurt yourself and get injured.

Core training is the whole heart of the crossfit program. It usually consists of several rounds in which different types of exercises are intertwined. The main thing is to keep your heart rate high during each round and do your best. Each crossfit exercise should be performed for a certain period of time, for example for one minute, then without slowing down, proceed to the next exercise until the end of the round.

Do not forget to do stretching of the muscles after the workout. Its purpose is to tighten and loosen muscles, helping them regenerate. Obviously crossfit training for beginners is very different for advanced athletes, but it does not make sense to go straight to very intensive exercises because you can only do harm.

This type of training is now so popular that you can find crossfit and crossfit clothing in stores. And as if that was not enough, you can even find diets for people who do crossfit.

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