How to combine exercise with relaxation and serenity? Do Pilates!

Pilates allows you to achieve a balance between body and mind and combines physical exercise with mind concentration and breath control. This program does not require much physical effort and gives you amazing results – ┬ástunning shape and mental balance.

The name Pilates comes from the name of the creator of this exercise method – Joseph Pilates, who in the 1920s developed a method that would help injured athletes and dancers to quickly and smoothly return to form. His proposed exercise program made a sensation in the sport of athletes. Over the years, this kind of activity has loved the gymnastics and those who did not like physical effort before, what proves the effectiveness of this method.

What Pilates is?

Pilates is a method of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. This is a holistic method that is based on the philosophy of the West and the East. The purpose of this exercise system was most of all to enhance the elasticity and stretching of all muscle parts. Exercises were to be performed without stress and intense effort, preferably with the sound of quiet music that introduces you to a good mood. Currently, physiotherapists consider pilates to be one of the safest forms of physical activity.

This form of physical activity is suitable for people suffering from traumas, heart problems and overweight people. Why? Because pilates do not burden the joints, it is devoid of violent movements and jumps. Its characteristic feature is the slow and thorough exercise.

What benefit does pilates have? Strengthens the muscles (especially the abdomen and buttocks), slim silhouette, relaxes the stressed muscles, improves the flexibility of the body, strengthens the back muscles and reduces spinal discomfort.

What is the pilates phenomenon?

Pilates exercises are not typical aerobics or fitness classes. During it you are not focused on intensity, high repetition or effort. Here the focus is on concentration and concentration, and the first effects are visible after 10-15 sessions.

It is very important that pilates does not care only about the body but also the mind. The atmosphere that accompanies the exercises helps to escape from everyday life. The sounds of quiet music and lightly lit rooms allow you to relax, relax and forget everything that is happening around.

Pilates – effects

Exercises improve physical and mental condition. Regular workouts strengthen the muscles (mainly the corpus), thereby improving the posture and awareness of the body, improving coordination and balance.

Pilates strengthens the muscles but does not cause them to expand. Thanks to this silhouette is slim and carved. This form of exercise allows you to relax your neck muscles and arm muscles – this is especially important for people working all days with computer.

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