Inspiring Athletes for Fitness Inspiration

In your own fitness and sports journey, it is important to find inspiration and motivation where you can. You are going to hit ruts and you will hit rough patches where you need to dig deep to find the strength to go on. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of perspective. You’re not too old, too out of shape, not too anything that will ever prevent you from hitting your goals. If you’re stuck for some inspiration, have a look at some of my favourite athletes who have provided inspiration to me.

Venus & Serena Williams

The absolute Queens of Tennis, the Williams Sisters have dominated women’s tennis since the late nineties. Both have ranked number one in both the singles and doubles rankings. Together they have won thirty Grand Slam Women’s Singles titles – what’s not to find inspiring? Where previously hitting the age of thirty or over has been a death sentence to a professional career in tennis, more and more players are proving that thirty is nothing but a number.

France Davis Cup Team

Talk about setting a goal and working towards it: France has been chasing a win in the Davis Cup for the past sixteen years and just this month they finally met their target. Captain Yannick Noah has a clear-cut plan and carried it out. Benefitting from the absence of names like Murray, Djokovic and Nishikori, Noah was able to put his thought-out plan into practise and finally bring home that coveted trophy. As a premier international team event, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Davis Cup news for next year. Who knows what inspiration you can find at the next tournament.

Bethany Hamilton

For something a little different, Bethany Hamilton made this list as it shows that the only thing holding you back is you. A young Hamilton was making a great name for herself in the world of surfing when she was attacked by a shark. This could have been the end of her short surfing career except she didn’t let it drag her down. A mere one month after the events, she was back on the board pursuing her passion. She entered a major competition in 2004 and has been competing ever since.

Lance Armstrong

A controversial entry to this diverse list, Lance Armstrong has managed to inspire millions of people with his comeback after fighting testicular cancer. He made a fantastic name for himself in the world of cycling before being found guilty of using doping. He won seven straight Tour de France titles before being found guilty of doping use. Even with the doping, which is apparently a common occurrence in cycling, he still managed to win seven titles in a row after a cancer diagnosis and treatment. This shows you can come back from anything, even the brink of death.

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